Title: Persistent Ache
Author: [livejournal.com profile] skandrae
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] selmak, who's been very gracious about how long this took
Rating: G-ish
Prompt(s): I tried for the first one, I really really did, but it refused to come together for me, so I went with the second - Elizabeth/Radek, with fluff and stuff. (Here's hoping that the first prompt, which still won't leave my brain alone, will allow me to write it soon ^_^)

Persistent Ache )
skandrae: ('nuff said)
The world won't fall apart if I don't get this story written, right?

But I feel like it will. Like maybe I will. And I still can't get anything done.

I just have to make it through tomorrow, and then I have two whole days where I don't have to think about work, or heat, or stupid people. Two whole days where I can curl up underneath my air conditioner and just get the damned thing out of my head.

But getting through tomorrow means going to bed now, because 5AM is getting nearer and nearer...


May. 14th, 2006 08:56 pm
skandrae: (*snark*)
Changing airborne Ancient Viagra induced sexin' (with sexual-innuendo-laden dialogue!) to offworld pollen related sexin' (with angst!) may just be the greatest idea I've had in a while.

Thanks, Bathtub! From soothing sore muscles to smoothing out plotlines, you're always there for me.
Okay. I've had my pizza, I'm halfway through a can of Chu-Hi (with several more in the fridge), and the story is due on Monday. Why, then, am I getting ideas for a totally different story that in no way relates to the one I'm supposed to be writing? Why?

I guess that is my mutant power - the ability to only create things when I'm supposed to be creating other things.

I'm pretty sure I'm not signing up for the next (last?) challenge at [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove. It was fun and all, but I've got a fair chunk on my plate at present and...to be honest, I'd like to start writing things for me... It seems like there are so many prolific writers out there, whereas I can't seem to get going without a deadline and the constant fear of expulsion from fandom.

It's a lot like my last year of university. Except, you know, with less student loan money floating around and no roommates (by the way, good luck at the you-know-what on Monday, [livejournal.com profile] doktor_m) and way too many grey hairs arriving every minute.
So, carrying on the tradition of 'just under the wire' that seems to be my lot in writing, I have finished stage 4 of both my [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove pieces. In a turnaround from last week, this week it's the Radek/Miko stuff I was tempted to drop. Hopefully, I can pull everything together for satisfying conclusions by next Tuesday.

Need (Weir/Dex) was where I done wrote smut. Please don't laugh at me.

A Slow Kind of Crazy (Zelenka/Kusanagi) was harder to write than it looks. Really.

And now I need to take myself off to work.
So, I got one in on time, and the other was late. I almost dropped the Liz/Ronon, because I'm having a hard time with it and all my RL stuff isn't doing much to help that. But I refuse to let the jerks at work win in fandom, too.

Itch (Weir/Dex) was the one that was late, and I'm not 100% happy with it. But that could be that writing about a character's sexual frustration begins to sound a lot like one's own sexual frustration (or lack thereof), and that's just sad-making.

I was a bit happier with yesterday's entry, Skin-Hunger (Zelenka/Kusanagi), although I think I was doing a bit of the ol' chanelling from my own life there, too.

I guess the general consensus is that if I don't at least kiss another guy before my 29th birthday, the Powers That Be are going to come and take away my naughty bits, since I'm not putting them to good use.
And, once again, slipping in just under the deadline, my [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove pieces.

Variations on a Set Piece (Zelenka/Kusanagi) for the Five Senses portion, contains the two "fucks" that offended Wordperfect so much. Girls swear, yo.

Slow Burn (Weir/Dex) for the Stages of Sexual Response portion, by contrast, contains no "fucks" whatsoever, although there is mention of sweaty bodies and discomfort.

Still working madly on the other two things that are due this week, but jet-lag is making me sleep at messed up times.
Thanks to the magic of jet-lag and the accidental five-hour nap I had after my bath this afternoon, I am now totally awake and raring to go. This would be fine, except it's 11:00pm and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Those of you who have lived with me know that I am not a morning person. I have made strides toward improvement in that area, but adding jet-lag to the mix means peeling my carcass out of bed is an odious, near-impossible task.

So, do I lie in my bed for hours, trying to force myself to sleep, or do I stay up and work on stuff until I feel sleepy, at which point I attempt a cat-nap like the one I had from 2-6 this morning? Because I am totally late with stuff, since I got no work done during my flight, nor during any of the stuff that happened after (misplaced luggage, missed connections, huuuuge lineup for taxis in Tach), and I don't want to garner a fandom-reputation as unreliable.

[EDIT - 11:12] Given the way the puds have sprawled themselves over my lap, I think I am A) forgiven for leaving them all alone with only MrsO as company, and B) probably going to stay up, since I don't want to move them.
I am a tool. I got confused by what day it was, and managed to miss last night's deadline for the first part of the [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove challenge. I've left a comment on the entry prompting for part 2, but I may be out of luck. That's super irritating, since I wrote them both while I was in Kingston, and they're just sitting in my LJ, waiting.

I shouldn't have gone to bed so early, I guess.

Did not manage to convince mom to pay for pants, so I am going to be a bit hungry at the end of the month...sigh~~

Am going to work on my Rareathon and B-Movie fics now, since the deadline is swiftly approaching. Grrrr.

[EDIT - 1:45] [livejournal.com profile] animadri was merciful, so I present to you Focus (for the Five Senses challenge) and Blush (for the Five Stages of Sexual Response). Keeping in mind that I am both rushed and flustered, go forth and tell me what you think. I'm tough, I can take it...before running away and crying like a baby...
Dear Zeus, I ache all over. Like, even up in my hairline.

We're moving things from the old school to the new, and it's been a vastly aggravating process thus far. There are too many useless breaks being taken, too many moments when there is nothing to do but looking like there's nothing to do is bad, and I believe I actually told Waka I was going to kill the old woman (Waka's mom) because she was making me insane.

Today is actually a public holiday, but we have to work it. I have yet to do any packing for my trip home. I have bought a number of presents, but none for my best friend and her family. If I plan on doing that, I need to ride my bike to work, and then go all the way to Itoyokado after work. I made it as far as the Ecos last night, before my tired legs gave out on me. (But I did manage to purchase an insane amount of snack-type-foods to bring to people back home ^_^)

In fannish news, I have a sort of idea of what I'm going to write for my [livejournal.com profile] sgarareathon piece, and a slightly more detailed notion of what I'm writing for the B-Movie Ficathon. My two [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove pieces are sort of/kind of gelling together in my head. My best hope now is that I can use the little time I have left here, and then the long long time on the plane, to do the best job I can. And roundly curse myself for not having a better work ethic.

Now I am in search of a shower, in the hopes that my muscles will relax a smidge.
Yes, icon, I think I am.

Somewhere, somehow, I think I transferred from the sanity bus to the do crack-headed things bus. In addition to those two things that I have yet to do any significant amounts of work on, I just signed up for two (2) pairings in the latest round of [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove.

Because I had fun with Zelenka/Weir last round, I decided that it would be even more fun to pair them with other people this time. So, for the Five Stages of Arousal challenge, I will be pairing Liz with Ronon Dex, the laconic, leather-pants-wearing, big-gun-toting, dreadlocks that I just want to touch...*ahem* Liz/Ronon, yes.

For Exploring a Relationship Through Five Senses, I am pairing Radek with Miko Kusanagi, the Japanese scientist who appeared onscreen for maybe two minutes in "Letters from Pegasus".

The first week of the challenge is where things will be tricky, as the first stories are due on the 28th or 29th of March, and the two outstanding things I'm working on are both due on April 1st. I will be in Canada from March 23 to April 1/2 (Dad didn't know when I would be arriving back here), and will have access to a computer, but I think I will be spending a fair whack of my time doing 'vacation' things like shopping and forcing people to entertain me, so I don't know that I'll be writing much.

At any rate, I think I'd best hop in the shower and get ready for work.
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Hey, btw, eight days and only one stumble. Am feeling ridiculously accomplished.

Time was, I used to get up super early in order to cram as many cigarettes as possible in before work. Today, I woke up early and did laundry and drank a pot of coffee and packed treats for lunch.

Since my apartment is clean, perhaps I will spend this evening trying to write that stupid Ronon-thing that has been bunnying about in the back of my head.


Jan. 31st, 2006 09:35 pm
When someone tells you that they will email you with some information on Sunday or Monday, is it wrong to be supremely pissed when it gets to be bedtime on Tuesday and still no email?

I thought as much.

My apartment is almost totally clean. Like, unbelievably so. And I've only thought about cigarettes, like, 100 times today. And that's an improvement.

I think my ears are defective, because every time I put my Nano-ear-bud into my right ear, it hurts like crazy. Painful crazy.

Tomorrow is the last day for the [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic Documentation challenge, and somehow I have managed not to write the story that's been going through my head. How does that happen? Tomorrow is also the day for the first prompt at [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove, and potentially the day I get my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] sgarareathon. I need one of the dry-erase calenders that I used to use when I was at uni, just to keep track of my writing commitments.

Perhaps I will have a bath now.

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