Last Day!

Mar. 22nd, 2006 07:46 am
skandrae: (out of the ordinary)
Less than twelve hours from now, I will be finished with work. At least, I'd better be finished, otherwise I will turn into cleo-Hulk and smash!!

Breakfasting on strawberries and coffee, and trying to work up the enthusiasm to hop in the shower. I have to remember to pay my phone bill tonight, otherwise it will be cut off while I'm away. Internet, too.

I'm not going to worry about doing any more souveneir shopping tonight, because Sean assures me that there is extensive shopping at Terminal 2 at Narita, and I'm going to have three hours of waiting in which to buy any last minute prezzies. So, tonight I'll come home, try to tidy up as much as possible, and then just veg and watch as many episodes of Traders as I can...David Hewlett was so adorable, I had forgotten how much I loved him as Grant Jansky.

Argh, cat in sink. I'm going to miss my puddies while I'm gone. I'll miss the quiet purr-y way Paku (who I guess is kind of like fanon!John who is quiet and shy) sits on my lap for long periods of time, and the way the Rodney-cat (who is like canon!Rodney who is in your face all the time, eating other people's food) will start out on my chest while I'm watcing TV, and gradually work his way up until he is actually sitting on my throat and blocking my view.

Oh, god, I am becoming a crazy cat lady.

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