Last day of this vacation )

Went for a bike ride to Yasaka station, where the Curves is. It takes about twenty minutes from my place, so I think it'll take about half an hour from work. I'm going to try my best to ride my bike there, rather than taking the train. It should take about the same amount of time, but I don't have to shell out 300 yen every time I go to work out. Also, since there is not a shower at Curves, I don't have to worry about assaulting the noses of all the business people on the train on the return trip.

I have doubts that I will manage to go to the shops today. It's getting quite muggy already, and it's not quite 9:00. But today is the day that the piles of junk at the side of the bed get dealt with. They've been on the list for far too long now!

Oh, and [ profile] stagesoflove? I hate you. I'm already behind on two projects, why must you entice me with your newest challenge? You know I'm powerless against your siren song...
So, carrying on the tradition of 'just under the wire' that seems to be my lot in writing, I have finished stage 4 of both my [ profile] stagesoflove pieces. In a turnaround from last week, this week it's the Radek/Miko stuff I was tempted to drop. Hopefully, I can pull everything together for satisfying conclusions by next Tuesday.

Need (Weir/Dex) was where I done wrote smut. Please don't laugh at me.

A Slow Kind of Crazy (Zelenka/Kusanagi) was harder to write than it looks. Really.

And now I need to take myself off to work.
So, I got one in on time, and the other was late. I almost dropped the Liz/Ronon, because I'm having a hard time with it and all my RL stuff isn't doing much to help that. But I refuse to let the jerks at work win in fandom, too.

Itch (Weir/Dex) was the one that was late, and I'm not 100% happy with it. But that could be that writing about a character's sexual frustration begins to sound a lot like one's own sexual frustration (or lack thereof), and that's just sad-making.

I was a bit happier with yesterday's entry, Skin-Hunger (Zelenka/Kusanagi), although I think I was doing a bit of the ol' chanelling from my own life there, too.

I guess the general consensus is that if I don't at least kiss another guy before my 29th birthday, the Powers That Be are going to come and take away my naughty bits, since I'm not putting them to good use.
And, once again, slipping in just under the deadline, my [ profile] stagesoflove pieces.

Variations on a Set Piece (Zelenka/Kusanagi) for the Five Senses portion, contains the two "fucks" that offended Wordperfect so much. Girls swear, yo.

Slow Burn (Weir/Dex) for the Stages of Sexual Response portion, by contrast, contains no "fucks" whatsoever, although there is mention of sweaty bodies and discomfort.

Still working madly on the other two things that are due this week, but jet-lag is making me sleep at messed up times.
Also, I posted links to these before, but I never bothered to actually post them in my own journal. So here, following, are the five stories I wrote for the initial [ profile] stagesoflove challenge. The fandom is Stargate: Atlants, the pairing is Weir/Zelenka, and, collectively, they were really the first things I've written in a very long time.

Theme: Attraction
A/N: Set during the first season episode "38 Minutes"
Attraction )

Theme: Romance
A/N: Set before and during the first season episode "Home"
Romance )

Theme: Passion
A/N: Set during the first season episodes "The Siege" (Parts 1 and 2)
Passion )

Theme: Intimacy
A/N: Set just after the second season episode "Critical Mass"
Intimacy )

Theme: Commitment
A/N: I didn't actually have any. Just apologies.
Commitment )

And there you have my first real, hard-core re-entry-type foray into fandom.
I am a tool. I got confused by what day it was, and managed to miss last night's deadline for the first part of the [ profile] stagesoflove challenge. I've left a comment on the entry prompting for part 2, but I may be out of luck. That's super irritating, since I wrote them both while I was in Kingston, and they're just sitting in my LJ, waiting.

I shouldn't have gone to bed so early, I guess.

Did not manage to convince mom to pay for pants, so I am going to be a bit hungry at the end of the month...sigh~~

Am going to work on my Rareathon and B-Movie fics now, since the deadline is swiftly approaching. Grrrr.

[EDIT - 1:45] [ profile] animadri was merciful, so I present to you Focus (for the Five Senses challenge) and Blush (for the Five Stages of Sexual Response). Keeping in mind that I am both rushed and flustered, go forth and tell me what you think. I'm tough, I can take it...before running away and crying like a baby...
*high fives self*

Okay, so it's not exactly Pulitzer material...I don't care. It's been so long since I set out to write anything that actually ended up being finished. I've been more productive over the past six months than I have over the past six years, and that is saying a lot. So w00t w00t for moi.

Made gyuudon for dinner. I'd forgotten how delicious a bowl of fatty beef and rice can be. The fact that I will even eat fatty beef both delights and revolts me.

I forgot to plug the digicam cord into the computer before I turned it on, so no adorkable cat pictures for anyone. Sorry. Ohmygod, they are sleeping in the cat-bed together, and I just want to die from Teh Cuteness.

Blurg. I almost forgot, I'm on the bus tomorrow. Perhaps I will take myself off to bed...
And displaying the fine principles of writing I garnered from years of academia (ie. piss about on the internet and clean random things in the apartment that have remained happily un-cleaned in the year that I've lived here), I cranked this out just in time to make the deadline for part four of the [ profile] stagesoflove challenge. Am I on the way to functional adulthood?

Go forth and praise me, minions. Flowery prose notwithstanding, I'm just happy to be one step closer to being finished with one challenge.

PS, don't let the icon fool you. There is no smut in this particular entry. What passes for smut can be found here.
Paku still runs away from me a lot, but he is coming along. Earlier, he scooched between my back and the chair, and sat there for a good ten minutes or so. The Rodney-cat, on the other hand, is an almost permanent growth: he is always underfoot or on my lap or on my shoulder. I think he's actually a bit evil, and I am nervous about what happens when his claws grow back (the shelter trimmed them so they wouldn't hurt each other/themselves/me during the trauma of transport).

Haven't quite finished the Passion segment of my [ profile] stagesoflove thing, and it is due by midnight. But I really want to go to bed... Nevermind. It's done now.

And that's Romance, finished just in time. Next up? Passion!
If you feel like stroking my ego (and you know that you do), here is my first entry in the [ profile] stagesoflove challenge. Go forth and feed my vanity.

There will (Zappa willing) be 4 more ficlets to follow in the next four weeks, and I live in hope that they will be better.

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