I just got a mail from Vida saying that Machida called her, and all the teachers (except Vida, who has to take her kids to Yatsuri) have to arrive at work at 7:30 for snow cleaning. That means shovelling and sweeping the driveway, and probably the playground, too.

This pisses me off because I was supposed to be on a 9:30 start tomorrow. There's no such thing as overtime pay at Kodomo Gakuen, oh no. There is only seething resentment and hatred, and I am full of both. You will most likely feel it as you are sleeping, my flist in the West, and it will fill your dreams with irrational anger and vitriol. I apologize in advance.

Or maybe I will call in sick.
Any friends of [livejournal.com profile] skandrae in the Sydney area are hereby entreated to seek this boy-child out and lay the smack down. Not that I think I actually have any friends in Sydney, except Patrick, whom I have already entreated.

cut for swears )

Still no word from El Yutzo. Sean (who has a key) is going to stop at his apartment tomorrow morning, before going to work to call Yutzo's parents' place in Sydney. He packed an awful lot of stuff for someone who was only going home for two weeks. I remember thinking about that the night of the school sleepover, when he had to spend all sorts of time re-packing his bags.

What a yutz. I'm not sure what outcome would make me happier: that he just skeeved off to Australia, leaving us without a replacement English teacher (as I said, I think monkeys dressed in people-clothing would do a better job than he did), or that he's actually on his way back, but suffered some sort of terrible misfortune.

I blame some of this on Manson. You might remember him as the other teacher who started when Ryan did, but who never came back after our vacation in March, because his father got sick. Also, I think he really hated the job and was never actually suited to it, being a trained architect and all. It's quite possible that Ryan is simply following the trail laid by Manson all those months ago.

It's funny, because I was starting to feel bad about being such a bitch toward Ryan. I thought I was at least being civil, but Sean and Vida disabused me of that. No pity now, though. None whatsoever.

In weather-related news, apparently there's a typhoon coming. I can hardly wait.
OMG, that useless pissant didn't show up for work yesterday or today. Sean can't get through to his mobile or his MSN. Did he even come back from Australia? Or did he just decide to stay there because no one wants him here?


[EDIT - 10:30] Sean says he saw him online yesterday at 1:30 and asked him if he was done work already. Sean thinks Ryan messed up the dates (accidentally on purpose, I say) and is still in Australia. I have never wanted to kick someone in the crotch quite as hard as I want to kick this guy.

I want the boss to let Sean fire the asshole. Honestly, fire him and find someone else. I'm sure Hamura Zoo has a couple of monkeys we could dress up in people clothes.
Oh, my god, listening to Mr Ehhhh-chuuuu hawking up phlegm from his disgusting lungs is possibly the best quit-smoking-now signal I have ever gotten in my life. Ever.

I am super pissed off - yesterday, I bought an external DVD writer when I was at Kojima with Sean, and I can't install it on my computer. My stupid computer won't read the Japanese and, when I tried installing component parts, it just won't do anything. I'm certainly not letting the Yutz touch it, even if he is a computer guy, and Sean doesn't know what to do.

So, it's another trip to Kojima tomorrow, where I will try to convince them to take it back and give me back my money. I'm pretty sure they won't, though, because this is a nation where you don't take things back when they don't work, you just keep them and internalize your rage and frustration until you have a heart attack or suddenly snap and cut people's heads off (you think I am joking, but it has happened).

Calm blue ocean calmblueocean
There just aren't enough bad words in the English language (or any of the other languages I have a passing familiarity with) to explain the level of loathing and rage I have toward Ryan the Yutz at this moment. All of the insults that immediately spring to mind are rejected because they either insult my own genitals or insult homosexual practices, and that's just not keen.

Really, I need to invent a new language, just to have words nasty and degrading and vile enough to describe how angry I am.

Profanity Abounding Beneath This Cut )

I'm also harbouring a little resentment toward Encho for letting Ryan go home, instead of making him tough it out through his shift today. Sean is pissed - he feels like he can't do his job anymore, if, everytime he tries to discipline someone, Encho just turns around and countermands his authority.

I'm going to apply for a new job this afternoon, I think.
I'd like to say that I haven't updated this weekend because I was off doing cool things, but the truth is that I did nothing and, since I do that most of the time anyway, I just didn't feel like writing about it. It was rainy, I was apathetic, and I wish it was Friday night again so that I didn't have to start a six-day week tomorrow morning. June is going to suck - I'll be working three out of the four Saturdays, which means I will only have one two-day weekend. Look forward to crankiness.

The only fun thing this weekend was thinking about the reaming Ryan is going to get from Sean on Monday. That boy is in trouble...

There's being a yutz, and then there's Ryan )

I've been writing for over an hour now. I have to go to bed, since I'm on Ryan's bus shift tomorrow morning.
It's posted. And, unlike my usual post-posting entries where I demand that my loyal minions go and tell me what they think, I am going to say no more on the subject.

Except the stuff under this cut )
Hurts! I hurts!

I wish wish wish the lemmings at school didn't suck so hardcore in terms of thinking logically. We wasted somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4 hours today (accumulated) because everyone is stupid. I want to go in, do work, and go home. I do not want to hem and haw and consider several angles and not make a decision on anything, because I am a foreigner and I am direct. Some of the shit we are taking with us...I know we don't have any money, but Jiminy Crackers...

I have had a bath, I have packed the majority of the things I am bringing to Canada, and now I am going to bed. Just one more day of this...
Dear Japan,

Please stop with the individually-wrapped items inside already-wrapped items. If I am sitting down to binge on either chocolate or cookies, I do not want to have to unwrap each individual chocolate or cookie. Oh, yeah, and the way you sell a box of saltine crackers? Nine packets of six crackers each? I want to punch you in the face so hard, Mr Dumbass-Who-Came-Up-With-That-Idea. It pisses me off, and creates tons of trash. I don't like trash.

And while we're on that subject, where are your public trashcans, eh? Ashtrays outside of buildings? The little things that mean that a person doesn't have to choose between littering and carrying a bunch of garbage around all day. If you can convince old people to clean their local parks every day, surely there is someone who would be willing to put the trash out once a week.

I know that most of today's rage is actually directed at the school, but I've got a lot of anger aimed at you yourself, Japan. I like you, but I don't get you.


Jan. 31st, 2006 09:35 pm
When someone tells you that they will email you with some information on Sunday or Monday, is it wrong to be supremely pissed when it gets to be bedtime on Tuesday and still no email?

I thought as much.

My apartment is almost totally clean. Like, unbelievably so. And I've only thought about cigarettes, like, 100 times today. And that's an improvement.

I think my ears are defective, because every time I put my Nano-ear-bud into my right ear, it hurts like crazy. Painful crazy.

Tomorrow is the last day for the [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic Documentation challenge, and somehow I have managed not to write the story that's been going through my head. How does that happen? Tomorrow is also the day for the first prompt at [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove, and potentially the day I get my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] sgarareathon. I need one of the dry-erase calenders that I used to use when I was at uni, just to keep track of my writing commitments.

Perhaps I will have a bath now.
I hate my neighbour so much at the moment. There are many, many things that she does that bother me, but my primary reason for this morning's rage is this: She woke me up in the middle of the night and I couldn't get back to sleep.

Monday night, I went to bed at 9:30 because I knew I had to get up early on Tuesday to ride the bus. Of course, my mother had no idea, so she ended up calling me at 11:30 for a chat. Had difficulty sleeping after that. But she's my mom, and I love her, so I forgive her.

My neighbour, on the other hand, came home from somewhere at 1:00am last night, bringing a whole bunch of her friends with her. I was tired from riding the bus, and had gone to bed at 10:00. They sat in her living room, talking and laughing and shrieking for at least an hour and a half. They were speaking a mix of Japanese and Tagalog, so I couldn't understand any of it, but I couldn't go back to sleep either.

Understand, these are not neighbours who live in the same building as me. No, this woman lives across the street, but I hear more out of her than I do out of the people in the apartment next to me. Now I'm tired and it's raining, but it's not enough to be a typhoon. Pity. A typhoon would close the school down for the day.

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