I was supposed to meet up with Satomi and her sister in Tanashi tonight, but cancelled out this afternoon. I was feeling a tad under the weather, and Sean frelled up his computer and had to take it in to Kojima, so he wasn't feeling like going, and I just wanted me time. Not like I haven't had almost two weeks of me-time, but that's what vacations are for. For sitting in a non-air-conditioned room, watching Hornblower, and M*A*S*H, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (in honour of Mel Gibson being whacked out, although I am actually saving that movie until tomorrow), and cross-stitching like a Victorian spinster. Good times.

The cats are much happier having me in the living room (at least, they don't whine and yowl so much), so I'm thinking I might move the computer back out there. I might wait until it starts to get a bit cooler, though - right now, the living room is stifling. Come winter, it will be freezing, but the two of them like to curl up in the chair with me, and they're pretty warm. I let them into my bedroom for a few minutes the other day, and they immediately starting jumping up on rickety shelves and knocking over perfume and nail polish remover. So, the bedroom is off limits again.

I asked about buying a t-shirt when I was at the gym today. Half the women there have them, and I thought they were for sale...unfortunately, they are a reward for getting a friend to enroll or some malarky like that. I explained that the reason I wanted one was to take my picture in it with the staff, to send to my Mom (who I haven't yet told that I joined up), and they had a discussion in the back room, and I think they are going to bend the rules. Either that, or they're going to lend me wear a Curves shirt to wear in the photo. I think they are afraid of my gaijin powers ^_^

They're all really sweet girls, though. Whenever I go, they're always friendly and chatty... inasmuch as I can really be chatty in Japanese.

To bed with me now, before today becomes tomorrow.
Last day of this vacation )

Went for a bike ride to Yasaka station, where the Curves is. It takes about twenty minutes from my place, so I think it'll take about half an hour from work. I'm going to try my best to ride my bike there, rather than taking the train. It should take about the same amount of time, but I don't have to shell out 300 yen every time I go to work out. Also, since there is not a shower at Curves, I don't have to worry about assaulting the noses of all the business people on the train on the return trip.

I have doubts that I will manage to go to the shops today. It's getting quite muggy already, and it's not quite 9:00. But today is the day that the piles of junk at the side of the bed get dealt with. They've been on the list for far too long now!

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] stagesoflove? I hate you. I'm already behind on two projects, why must you entice me with your newest challenge? You know I'm powerless against your siren song...
I have decided that my ultimate 'get fit' goal is to have thighs that no longer rub together so badly that it feels like my pants are going to ignite or, in instances where I am not wearing pants, my skin is actually going to rupture from friction.

Seriously, that has to stop.
Just a little farther, my little smurf )

Most of this will have to wait until after lunch, though, because I am heading out to Curves for my first official workout. Yesterday, they let me do one circuit, but that was it. Paperwork and stuff took up the rest of the time. I don't know what made me choose the morning as the perfect time for this...perhaps that almost chickening out feeling I had last night on my way there.
I did it! All by myself (minus the original help Vida was in placing the phone call to book my appointment, which was, of course, totally helpful), all by myself, I joined the Curves and waded through the Japanese I didn't quite understand, and now I have a membership! I am made of awesome!

Whew. I am not, unfortunately, made of enough awesome that I managed to finish putting away all the stuff that was piled on my bed, so when I want to sleep it looks like I will be re-creating the Pile of Stuff at the Side of the Bed (Bedroom Edition). Ah well, I am too stoked to care.
That subject line had nothing to do with anything, it just makes me laugh.

Got a bit stalled, so I decided to take a shower. Now, instead of rockin' the cleaning threads of the past two days (wraparound skirt, tank top, bandana over scuzzy hair), I am rockin' the uniform of most of the housewives in my neighbourhood (loose skirt, t-shirt, apron, slippers). I feel amazingly domestic...it's almost sick.

I have an appointment at the new Curves in Higashimurayama tonight at 6. I think it's going to be dreadful, because apparently first they're going to talk to me about diet and stuff, and my Japanese is just not up to snuff. Also, they're supposed to tell me which machines to focus on, which sounds very different from the Curves I used to go to, but that might just have been a miscommunication with Vida. At any rate, I plan on joining up again, so wish me luck.

One nice thing about not going outside for the past four days (aside from flying trips to the grocery store) is that I have not been bitten by any new mosquitos. That pleases my legs greatly.

PS - [livejournal.com profile] mutecornett, I made this icon after messing around with your Ancient Cat drawing...I hope that is kosher. If not, let me know.

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