Yes, icon, I think I am.

Somewhere, somehow, I think I transferred from the sanity bus to the do crack-headed things bus. In addition to those two things that I have yet to do any significant amounts of work on, I just signed up for two (2) pairings in the latest round of [ profile] stagesoflove.

Because I had fun with Zelenka/Weir last round, I decided that it would be even more fun to pair them with other people this time. So, for the Five Stages of Arousal challenge, I will be pairing Liz with Ronon Dex, the laconic, leather-pants-wearing, big-gun-toting, dreadlocks that I just want to touch...*ahem* Liz/Ronon, yes.

For Exploring a Relationship Through Five Senses, I am pairing Radek with Miko Kusanagi, the Japanese scientist who appeared onscreen for maybe two minutes in "Letters from Pegasus".

The first week of the challenge is where things will be tricky, as the first stories are due on the 28th or 29th of March, and the two outstanding things I'm working on are both due on April 1st. I will be in Canada from March 23 to April 1/2 (Dad didn't know when I would be arriving back here), and will have access to a computer, but I think I will be spending a fair whack of my time doing 'vacation' things like shopping and forcing people to entertain me, so I don't know that I'll be writing much.

At any rate, I think I'd best hop in the shower and get ready for work.
Woke up at 6 this morning to find Pakuchu (the more shy of the two) up on the top shelf in my closet. Sage (who is definitely the Rodney in this case) was hanging between two shirts, and looking a bit distressed. There was a bit of a *thump* later, when Paku decided that the only way to get down was to hurl himself at the closed closet door and hope that he landed on the folded up futon.

Paku is under the bed at present, and Sage is on the desk. He was on the computer a minute ago, trying to stick his face in my mug of hot chocolate.

Things I need to 'cat-friendly-ify' (as in, de-crap) today:
- top of microwave
- top of kitchen table
- desk
[edit] - top of fridge
- inside of closet

Things I need to 'cat-proof-ify'
- the stove

Sophie told me that Paku was likely to take longer than Sage to get acclimitized. Sage seems to have settled in okay so far. Poor Paku finally worked up the nerve to come out the the kitchen a moment ago, and then I coughed and he tore back under the bed like I'd set his tail on fire. Poor pud.

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