Because I am a masochist a sucker a glutton for punishment an optimistic overachiever-type, I am thinking about signing up for another ficathon. This one wouldn't be due until May 1, which is at least a month after all my other 'thons should be finished, so it's not totally crazy, right?

Finally worked things out with Emmett - he is going to come to visit me next May, which works out much better for both of us. I will have a year or so to save up some money, and he will have time to do the same thing and learn how to scuba dive, which is apparently something he's wanted to do for a while. He finally understands that I cannot take time off whenever I feel like it, and he is cool with going exploring on his own when I am at work. His recent trip to Costa Rica for a wedding was really good for him in terms of getting out there on his own. Yay! Now I can stop being irritated with him every time he comes on MSN.

The Rodney-cat bit my ass again this morning. He had scooched in between my back and the chair, and was just sitting there, purring, when all of a sudden *bite*. I am really not keen on that. Not at all.

Thinking about writing is really making me crave a cigarette, for some reason. Grrr. I thought I should be over that by now.

Also, yesterday I spent $30 at the Daiso (100 yen shop [dollar store]). Considering that only two items were more than $1, that's a lot of stuff. My most embarassing purchases, by far, were 6 books intended to help grade school students study English. My reason for buying them? I'm trying to improve my Japanese, and I figured that books intended for kids under 12 can't be that hard. I'm just reverse-learning, is all.

Last time I was there, I bought books on learning kanji (Chinese characters), but haven't really done much with them, yet.
Emmett (not his real name), a friend of mine since high school, has been trying to come over here to visit me for a while. He cannot grasp the concept that I can't book time off work for vacation purposes. "Why can't you just book time off in May, instead of March?" says he. "Because I am not booking time off, that is simply when the school's holidays are," says I. "Please, feel free to come in May if you are willing to do some exploring by yourself, but know that I will not be able to get any more than 3 or 4 week-days off during that time."

Then he wants to know what the weather is like in March vs May, because he heard the weather was really good in May. Like I even remember. I was working, so all I remember is work. Christ on a crutch.

And now he wants me to get all this information today, and be online tomorrow at approximately the same time we spoke today. Which was, if I recall correctly, 5:45am for me. Forgive me, buddy, if I'm not exactly jumping at the thought of hauling my arse out of bed at Asscrack of Dawn o'clock just to try to convince you again that I can't book vacation time in May.

I am becoming a bitter old crank, I think. And now I need to go ride the bus.

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