Hurts! I hurts!

I wish wish wish the lemmings at school didn't suck so hardcore in terms of thinking logically. We wasted somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4 hours today (accumulated) because everyone is stupid. I want to go in, do work, and go home. I do not want to hem and haw and consider several angles and not make a decision on anything, because I am a foreigner and I am direct. Some of the shit we are taking with us...I know we don't have any money, but Jiminy Crackers...

I have had a bath, I have packed the majority of the things I am bringing to Canada, and now I am going to bed. Just one more day of this...
Dear Zeus, I ache all over. Like, even up in my hairline.

We're moving things from the old school to the new, and it's been a vastly aggravating process thus far. There are too many useless breaks being taken, too many moments when there is nothing to do but looking like there's nothing to do is bad, and I believe I actually told Waka I was going to kill the old woman (Waka's mom) because she was making me insane.

Today is actually a public holiday, but we have to work it. I have yet to do any packing for my trip home. I have bought a number of presents, but none for my best friend and her family. If I plan on doing that, I need to ride my bike to work, and then go all the way to Itoyokado after work. I made it as far as the Ecos last night, before my tired legs gave out on me. (But I did manage to purchase an insane amount of snack-type-foods to bring to people back home ^_^)

In fannish news, I have a sort of idea of what I'm going to write for my [ profile] sgarareathon piece, and a slightly more detailed notion of what I'm writing for the B-Movie Ficathon. My two [ profile] stagesoflove pieces are sort of/kind of gelling together in my head. My best hope now is that I can use the little time I have left here, and then the long long time on the plane, to do the best job I can. And roundly curse myself for not having a better work ethic.

Now I am in search of a shower, in the hopes that my muscles will relax a smidge.

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