I just got a mail from Vida saying that Machida called her, and all the teachers (except Vida, who has to take her kids to Yatsuri) have to arrive at work at 7:30 for snow cleaning. That means shovelling and sweeping the driveway, and probably the playground, too.

This pisses me off because I was supposed to be on a 9:30 start tomorrow. There's no such thing as overtime pay at Kodomo Gakuen, oh no. There is only seething resentment and hatred, and I am full of both. You will most likely feel it as you are sleeping, my flist in the West, and it will fill your dreams with irrational anger and vitriol. I apologize in advance.

Or maybe I will call in sick.
So, who else had their boss's mother call them ugly today? Show of hands...oh, so it was just me. I see how it is.

Yeah, that's the kind of day I've had. Grandma Senility calls me ugly, and I spend the rest of the day fighting tears and homicidal urges. At least I've still got (most of) my hair, Granny CrazyWig.

Anyone who's read this LJ for more than a week is probably aware that I am a walking emotional wound, with major self-esteem issues and lack of self-worth. I am very good at feeling bad about myself, I really didn't need Baba stepping in with her two yens worth.

I went to the gym, and imagined the machines were part of a massive "Baba torture centre". I had great fun crushing her head with the pull-down machine, and kicking her off a high platform with the leg press. Going to the gym derailed my initial plan of "drinking the Christmas wine from Encho and eating an entire pizza while watching MacGyver", which I suppose is good.

But I still feel kind of shitty, so I'm going to give the cats a snack and take myself off to bed for a good old sulk.

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