Will my puds still love me if I become slim and no longer have a flabby belly for them to cozy up on? Because that is the ultimate goal, in the end. No belly, I mean, not pud-love-ceasing.

I failed at catnapping, too, but stayed in the dark until 4:30, when I could bear it no longer. I hope that I sleep deeply and well tonight, and wake tomorrow to find the jet-lag banished until Christmas holidays.

In fashion news, I bought three new sports bras while I was home, to replace the one that died and the one that gives me the major torpedo-tits. Hurray for constrictive support! I wish that sports bras were sexier, although I supposed sexy and full-coverage-support are not mutally inclusive terms. Haha, I accidentally wrote 'cupport' the first time! New words are fun!

I know I am still deliquent on the [livejournal.com profile] skandrae's (Mis)Adventures in Flying entry, but I was too busy lying in the dark, trying to sleep. Tonight, I promise. Since everything worked out in the end ^_~

Oh, man, I can't believe that, instead of the 3 minutes I had become accustomed to, it's now going to take me 20 minutes to walk to work. Sigh~~
Thanks to the magic of jet-lag and the accidental five-hour nap I had after my bath this afternoon, I am now totally awake and raring to go. This would be fine, except it's 11:00pm and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Those of you who have lived with me know that I am not a morning person. I have made strides toward improvement in that area, but adding jet-lag to the mix means peeling my carcass out of bed is an odious, near-impossible task.

So, do I lie in my bed for hours, trying to force myself to sleep, or do I stay up and work on stuff until I feel sleepy, at which point I attempt a cat-nap like the one I had from 2-6 this morning? Because I am totally late with stuff, since I got no work done during my flight, nor during any of the stuff that happened after (misplaced luggage, missed connections, huuuuge lineup for taxis in Tach), and I don't want to garner a fandom-reputation as unreliable.

[EDIT - 11:12] Given the way the puds have sprawled themselves over my lap, I think I am A) forgiven for leaving them all alone with only MrsO as company, and B) probably going to stay up, since I don't want to move them.

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