It's been a whirlwind, my friends. (If anyone is still out there.)

I've been a bit unfaithful to my beloved LJ. I've got an account at Blogger, and I've been over there. I haven't been into any kind of fandom in any way for a while, and that was always one of the big draws of LJ for me. Plus, most of my entries would have talked about blah blah blah I'm lonely this town sucks I don't know what I was thinking blah blah and who really needs to read about that, anyway?

But I miss you, flist. I miss reading about your lives and what you're in to. I miss becoming a part of your stories, however indirectly.

What's new with me? The town is falling down around me, I got a chip in the windshield of my brand new truck, I'm still single but was accepted on eHarmony (I still hate them, the bastards, but whatever), I'm mainlining Supernatural like it was some kind of drug that you mainline, I started smoking again (but I am really working on that), and I just want to come home to LJ and be able to talk about what's bothering me.

Whew, that felt good. How are you?

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