Nov. 15th, 2010 11:00 pm
I've only been back on the Dysbiosis Train for 4 days, but it feels like an eternity.

I am getting my late night burst of energy at the moment - I'm driven by the urge to clean my house. Now is the time when the grimy carpet bothers me, the boxes of stuff I haven't unpacked start to call my name, and the fog that covered my brain for the rest of the day dissipates. I feel like I should really get moving.

Unfortunately, following that impulse is a bad thing to do. I should be going to bed now. Morning is not my friend, particularly not when morning looks so much like nighttime. I really need to get one of those lamps.

Today, I sat at my desk with my face turned to the window, tracking the progress of the sun like a sunflower in a field. I wish my desk had wheels, so I could move across the room with the sun.

To compensate for the lack of sun, I am supposed to be taking Vitamin D. I hope that the amount of D in my multivitamin is sufficient - I already have too many pills to take.

There's a B complex (stress relief, combat hair loss), garlic (dysbiosis diet), HMF (dd), Berber (dd), psyllium (dd), and the multivitamin. I take more supplements in the morning than I do real food. Eventually I'll work my way back to the bentonite clay, too. Hurray!*

In non-dietary news, I have a place to park my truck in Whitehorse for three weeks - they'll make sure that it gets plugged into an outlet the day before I fly back, so my battery won't be dead from extreme temperatures. And I've been offered a bed for the night before I fly to Ontario, so I don't have to stay in a hotel - and they're close to the airport! Huzzah!

Okay, to bed, to bed, stop thinking about how badly the floor needs vacuuming ^_^

*Who doesn't like drinking muddy water?
So, there's Emmett-stress. It's immense. And I'm torn between wanting a cigarette and a pizza, knowing that I don't actually want either of them. It's just that I've spent so long smoking when I was hungry, and eating when I really wanted nicotine, that my body is confused by all the signals it's getting now.

And I'm giving myself flack for eating the pizza and smoking the cigarette...when I haven't done either.

All About Emmett )

You know, I need to find a way to turn this into an email and just send it to him. Because I don't need any more stress in my life. My coworkers are stressful enough.

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