It's not even 10am, and I accomplished what I hadn't thought possible - the junk drawer in the kitchen has been emptied! Good-bye expired medicines, pizza fliers, kooky knickknacks I got with snack food! Hello practically empty drawer!

Am debating whether I should put my entertainment centre up on Freecycle today. I'm not really using it, and I still have the old TV cart that served me before Vida gave me her old EC.

I might be going to see AVP:2 with Sean and Pat today. Not so much because I want to see it, but the Alien-loving part of me (and the part of me that has been alone in my apartment for almost two weeks) is kind of urging me to go.

Also, I need a Cleanstravaganza icon.
So, in an attempt to shake things up this year, Cleanstravaganza is taking on a new format. Instead of writing everything I need to do down and then crossing it out, I'm going to write things down as I do them. Now, this could turn out to be a disaster, but that's what Cleanstravaganza is all about, isn't it?

The list thus far )

Not impressive at the moment, but I only got out of bed 45 minutes ago. Cut me some slack.

[EDIT - 12:30] I really really hope that garbage removal resumes on Friday. I haven't put out trash since Christmas Day, when only half the trash got taken out, and I already have two massive bags of 燃えるゴミ (plus cat litter, which hasn't been done yet) currently taking up space in my closet and bathroom. Plus a whole heap of 燃えないゴミ to go out on Monday. Something tells me I'll be sneaking out to the garbage spot Thursday night, since so much garbage fills me with shame.

Okay, pride in getting rid of tons of junk, but shame because people don't know that's what I've been doing - they just think I'm really dirty.
I know, these posts are boring for everyone except me, but too bad for you. I just bought some vacuum-cleaner bags, and it's a nice day out for the first time in almost a week. This is the way I roll.

Son of Son of Cleantravaganza )

On your mark, get set, CLEAN!
Crazy rain all since last night. I lay on the floor for a while, watching the insane lightning, briefly using Rodney's massive paunch as a pillow before he bit my hair and squirmed away. No desire to leave the house to go to the gym, as riding my bike is not an option, and either walking or taking the train would involve slogging through the muck.

I bet you can guess what I'm going to do instead, right?

Cleanstravaganza!!!!! )

If I am a very good girl, I can take a break at 2 for some awesome 1973 adventures with DI HotStuff er, Tyler.

[EDIT 12:54] Ten minutes of Life on Mars for every one hour of cleaning. And toast.
It's time for Cleanstravaganza! )

In my defence, I'm hoping to get all of my Cleanstravaganza-ing out of the way today, so the rest of my vacation can be devoted to such worthwhile tasks as learning how to draw, going sightseeing, and working on some ficstuffs. Please to be bearing with me, yes? Also, I need a Cleanstravaganza icon.
The puddies haven't touched their breakfast, which is totally unlike them. Usually, they're scratching at my bedroom door by 4:30, but they haven't even made a peep today. The food's been sitting in the bowl since 7:30. The vet said that they might be less energetic than usual for the next couple of days, so I guess that they're okay.

Today's mission, as it so frequently is, is a return to Cleanstravaganza, with photographic documentation of the process. Those photos will be posted at [ profile] ericainjapan, the parent-friendly LJ that hasn't been updated since last July. I couldn't see any point in uploading all the photos twice, and I figure I should give my parents some idea of the stuff that I do...namely, cleaning.

The Inevitable Return of Cleanstravaganza )

That should give me a good start, I think.

[EDIT - 1:55] I can feel the 3pm blahs approaching swiftly. I need to tackle the pile before the desire to give up takes me over completely...but it's just such a mess. Stupid pile.
My enthusiasm for Project Make Apartment Less of a Mess-hole has waned, as is usually the case by 3pm. I am left with things strewn across my bed, one vacuumed spot, and a strong desire for pizza, which I am currently fighting.

I'm trying to decide if taking 45 minutes of cross-stitching/CSI-watching now is a good thing, or if I will find myself unable to return to the task of cleaning. Part of me says no, you shouldn't do it, and the larger (lazier) part of me says, DO IT! DO IT NOW!!
勤労感謝の日 (kinroukansha no hi) sounds kind of silly when you translate it into English. But the important thing is that I have the day off. Since I don't plan on leaving the house today (lack of monies), I will appreciate my civil servants by doing some minor labour in the comfort of my apartment.

The living room and kitchen are still looking good, but the bedroom (which was never fully finished on the weekend) has had some slippage. So, I bring you Cleanstravaganza Lite! )

After that, I need to get some writing done. My john_teyla_fic piece is pushing at my skull, trying to get written, but won't cooperate when I sit down at the computer. And the deadlines for my rarepairings and sga_santa fics approach two gigantic boulders of creativity that I can't outrun.

But yay! Day off!
It's a Sunday (last day of freedom), I have very little money, and my apartment bedroom is a disaster area. If one's living space is indicative of one's mental space, I am a total spazoid. So it's time for The Return of Cleanstravaganza! (Again) )

Sometime I wonder why you keep reading. But I love you for it.
It's a Saturday, I have no date, so you know what that means...

Cleanstravaganza!!!! )

Unlike before, when I got excited about cleaning because I might have a gentleman caller, now I am excited to clean because I might have a fannish acquaintance coming to see my cats at some point. And, frankly, that's cooler than a gentleman caller.
I have better luck cleaning when I make an LJ list. Perhaps it's the fear of public shaming.

Son of Cleanstravaganza )

This does not mean I want to clean my house on a full-time basis.
The Return of Cleanstravaganza! )

My living room looks kind of trashy, owing to the screen door I have wedged in between it and my bedroom. I just couldn't take it any more...I need the air conditioner! Tomorrow, I'll try to go to Nitori to find something that won't look quite as vile.
It's been a whole week, and the place has fallen apart again )

Mikan fresh from the fridge are so refreshing...yet another food I hated as a child, that I grew to love in this country.
Last day of this vacation )

Went for a bike ride to Yasaka station, where the Curves is. It takes about twenty minutes from my place, so I think it'll take about half an hour from work. I'm going to try my best to ride my bike there, rather than taking the train. It should take about the same amount of time, but I don't have to shell out 300 yen every time I go to work out. Also, since there is not a shower at Curves, I don't have to worry about assaulting the noses of all the business people on the train on the return trip.

I have doubts that I will manage to go to the shops today. It's getting quite muggy already, and it's not quite 9:00. But today is the day that the piles of junk at the side of the bed get dealt with. They've been on the list for far too long now!

Oh, and [ profile] stagesoflove? I hate you. I'm already behind on two projects, why must you entice me with your newest challenge? You know I'm powerless against your siren song...
Yesterday was a bit of a vacation )

So, yeah, yesterday kind of fizzled out after my workout. I had a headache, so I lay on the couch, watching Le Pacte des Loups and Dave, which is one of my guilty pleasure movies. I ate things I should not have, and am currently paying the price. The price being severe gastrointestinal distress, which I should expect by this time, silly totty.

I was supposed to go to Costco with Sean today, but my stomach problems made me decide against it, and I think I'm glad about that. I have never walked into Costco before without walking out with tons of stuff I didn't really need and a wallet roughly $200 lighter. The cats need to go in to the vet for shots soon, so I could really use that money.

Will I make it to Nitori to buy storage containers today? Doubtful. It's hot as anything, and the idea of going any farther than my balcony is unappealing. I will need to venture out at some point, though, since I am out of healthy foodstuffs. And a new pair of slippers, since I seem to have destroyed the ones I am currently wearing.
Just a little farther, my little smurf )

Most of this will have to wait until after lunch, though, because I am heading out to Curves for my first official workout. Yesterday, they let me do one circuit, but that was it. Paperwork and stuff took up the rest of the time. I don't know what made me choose the morning as the perfect time for this...perhaps that almost chickening out feeling I had last night on my way there.

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