The puddies haven't touched their breakfast, which is totally unlike them. Usually, they're scratching at my bedroom door by 4:30, but they haven't even made a peep today. The food's been sitting in the bowl since 7:30. The vet said that they might be less energetic than usual for the next couple of days, so I guess that they're okay.

Today's mission, as it so frequently is, is a return to Cleanstravaganza, with photographic documentation of the process. Those photos will be posted at [ profile] ericainjapan, the parent-friendly LJ that hasn't been updated since last July. I couldn't see any point in uploading all the photos twice, and I figure I should give my parents some idea of the stuff that I do...namely, cleaning.

The Inevitable Return of Cleanstravaganza )

That should give me a good start, I think.

[EDIT - 1:55] I can feel the 3pm blahs approaching swiftly. I need to tackle the pile before the desire to give up takes me over completely...but it's just such a mess. Stupid pile.
I was supposed to meet up with Satomi and her sister in Tanashi tonight, but cancelled out this afternoon. I was feeling a tad under the weather, and Sean frelled up his computer and had to take it in to Kojima, so he wasn't feeling like going, and I just wanted me time. Not like I haven't had almost two weeks of me-time, but that's what vacations are for. For sitting in a non-air-conditioned room, watching Hornblower, and M*A*S*H, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (in honour of Mel Gibson being whacked out, although I am actually saving that movie until tomorrow), and cross-stitching like a Victorian spinster. Good times.

The cats are much happier having me in the living room (at least, they don't whine and yowl so much), so I'm thinking I might move the computer back out there. I might wait until it starts to get a bit cooler, though - right now, the living room is stifling. Come winter, it will be freezing, but the two of them like to curl up in the chair with me, and they're pretty warm. I let them into my bedroom for a few minutes the other day, and they immediately starting jumping up on rickety shelves and knocking over perfume and nail polish remover. So, the bedroom is off limits again.

I asked about buying a t-shirt when I was at the gym today. Half the women there have them, and I thought they were for sale...unfortunately, they are a reward for getting a friend to enroll or some malarky like that. I explained that the reason I wanted one was to take my picture in it with the staff, to send to my Mom (who I haven't yet told that I joined up), and they had a discussion in the back room, and I think they are going to bend the rules. Either that, or they're going to lend me wear a Curves shirt to wear in the photo. I think they are afraid of my gaijin powers ^_^

They're all really sweet girls, though. Whenever I go, they're always friendly and chatty... inasmuch as I can really be chatty in Japanese.

To bed with me now, before today becomes tomorrow.
Will my puds still love me if I become slim and no longer have a flabby belly for them to cozy up on? Because that is the ultimate goal, in the end. No belly, I mean, not pud-love-ceasing.

I failed at catnapping, too, but stayed in the dark until 4:30, when I could bear it no longer. I hope that I sleep deeply and well tonight, and wake tomorrow to find the jet-lag banished until Christmas holidays.

In fashion news, I bought three new sports bras while I was home, to replace the one that died and the one that gives me the major torpedo-tits. Hurray for constrictive support! I wish that sports bras were sexier, although I supposed sexy and full-coverage-support are not mutally inclusive terms. Haha, I accidentally wrote 'cupport' the first time! New words are fun!

I know I am still deliquent on the [ profile] skandrae's (Mis)Adventures in Flying entry, but I was too busy lying in the dark, trying to sleep. Tonight, I promise. Since everything worked out in the end ^_~

Oh, man, I can't believe that, instead of the 3 minutes I had become accustomed to, it's now going to take me 20 minutes to walk to work. Sigh~~
Thanks to the magic of jet-lag and the accidental five-hour nap I had after my bath this afternoon, I am now totally awake and raring to go. This would be fine, except it's 11:00pm and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Those of you who have lived with me know that I am not a morning person. I have made strides toward improvement in that area, but adding jet-lag to the mix means peeling my carcass out of bed is an odious, near-impossible task.

So, do I lie in my bed for hours, trying to force myself to sleep, or do I stay up and work on stuff until I feel sleepy, at which point I attempt a cat-nap like the one I had from 2-6 this morning? Because I am totally late with stuff, since I got no work done during my flight, nor during any of the stuff that happened after (misplaced luggage, missed connections, huuuuge lineup for taxis in Tach), and I don't want to garner a fandom-reputation as unreliable.

[EDIT - 11:12] Given the way the puds have sprawled themselves over my lap, I think I am A) forgiven for leaving them all alone with only MrsO as company, and B) probably going to stay up, since I don't want to move them.

Last Day!

Mar. 22nd, 2006 07:46 am
skandrae: (out of the ordinary)
Less than twelve hours from now, I will be finished with work. At least, I'd better be finished, otherwise I will turn into cleo-Hulk and smash!!

Breakfasting on strawberries and coffee, and trying to work up the enthusiasm to hop in the shower. I have to remember to pay my phone bill tonight, otherwise it will be cut off while I'm away. Internet, too.

I'm not going to worry about doing any more souveneir shopping tonight, because Sean assures me that there is extensive shopping at Terminal 2 at Narita, and I'm going to have three hours of waiting in which to buy any last minute prezzies. So, tonight I'll come home, try to tidy up as much as possible, and then just veg and watch as many episodes of Traders as I can...David Hewlett was so adorable, I had forgotten how much I loved him as Grant Jansky.

Argh, cat in sink. I'm going to miss my puddies while I'm gone. I'll miss the quiet purr-y way Paku (who I guess is kind of like fanon!John who is quiet and shy) sits on my lap for long periods of time, and the way the Rodney-cat (who is like canon!Rodney who is in your face all the time, eating other people's food) will start out on my chest while I'm watcing TV, and gradually work his way up until he is actually sitting on my throat and blocking my view.

Oh, god, I am becoming a crazy cat lady.
Note to self: Always close the lid on your laptop when leaving the room.

Those little rats almost deleted Season 5 of CSI while I was in the bathtub.
Because I am a masochist a sucker a glutton for punishment an optimistic overachiever-type, I am thinking about signing up for another ficathon. This one wouldn't be due until May 1, which is at least a month after all my other 'thons should be finished, so it's not totally crazy, right?

Finally worked things out with Emmett - he is going to come to visit me next May, which works out much better for both of us. I will have a year or so to save up some money, and he will have time to do the same thing and learn how to scuba dive, which is apparently something he's wanted to do for a while. He finally understands that I cannot take time off whenever I feel like it, and he is cool with going exploring on his own when I am at work. His recent trip to Costa Rica for a wedding was really good for him in terms of getting out there on his own. Yay! Now I can stop being irritated with him every time he comes on MSN.

The Rodney-cat bit my ass again this morning. He had scooched in between my back and the chair, and was just sitting there, purring, when all of a sudden *bite*. I am really not keen on that. Not at all.

Thinking about writing is really making me crave a cigarette, for some reason. Grrr. I thought I should be over that by now.

Also, yesterday I spent $30 at the Daiso (100 yen shop [dollar store]). Considering that only two items were more than $1, that's a lot of stuff. My most embarassing purchases, by far, were 6 books intended to help grade school students study English. My reason for buying them? I'm trying to improve my Japanese, and I figured that books intended for kids under 12 can't be that hard. I'm just reverse-learning, is all.

Last time I was there, I bought books on learning kanji (Chinese characters), but haven't really done much with them, yet.
Question for the cat owners on my flist:

Is there a way to train a cat out of a bad behaviour? Like, for instance, biting?

I would appreciate your thoughts and any advice, as the Rodney-cat is banned from my room at night until such time as he stops biting me. Even now, he's sitting on my lap and I can just see the look in his eyes that is saying "I want to take your hands off".

Also, he burrows in under the covers to bite parts of me that are inaccessible.
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I knew I shouldn't have let them nap on me for almost an they are full of vitality and energy, whereas I am full of wanting to go to bed. Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday.

In other, totally "patting myself on the back because I haven't said anything about it in a while" news, today is officially one month since I quit smoking. Hooray for Team skandrae's Lungs!!

This entry brought to you by the italics tag.
Paku still runs away from me a lot, but he is coming along. Earlier, he scooched between my back and the chair, and sat there for a good ten minutes or so. The Rodney-cat, on the other hand, is an almost permanent growth: he is always underfoot or on my lap or on my shoulder. I think he's actually a bit evil, and I am nervous about what happens when his claws grow back (the shelter trimmed them so they wouldn't hurt each other/themselves/me during the trauma of transport).

Haven't quite finished the Passion segment of my [ profile] stagesoflove thing, and it is due by midnight. But I really want to go to bed... Nevermind. It's done now.
Almost 48 hours of cat ownership co-habitation have taught me some things.

- Put everything away as soon as you are done with it (if you can somehow avoid taking a thing out at all, that's better)
- No matter what you are doing, the Rodney-cat has to be a part of it
- You will have to remove all knick-knacks and small bits of clutter from all surfaces
- You need to tighten the bolts on the shelves, as there appears to be no way to keep the Rodney-cat from jumping on them
- The Rodney-cat has no consideration for social niceties like personal food-dishes or not attacking your clothes while you are putting them on

- The Rodney-cat has incredibly stinky breath, farts often, and, like his televised namesake, is not capable of being quiet. But he sure purrs well.

Going to do a little tidying, because the puds managed to almost destroy the apartment while I was gone, and then I'm going to bed.

That subject line's for you, [ profile] darth_hedgehog.
Woke up at 6 this morning to find Pakuchu (the more shy of the two) up on the top shelf in my closet. Sage (who is definitely the Rodney in this case) was hanging between two shirts, and looking a bit distressed. There was a bit of a *thump* later, when Paku decided that the only way to get down was to hurl himself at the closed closet door and hope that he landed on the folded up futon.

Paku is under the bed at present, and Sage is on the desk. He was on the computer a minute ago, trying to stick his face in my mug of hot chocolate.

Things I need to 'cat-friendly-ify' (as in, de-crap) today:
- top of microwave
- top of kitchen table
- desk
[edit] - top of fridge
- inside of closet

Things I need to 'cat-proof-ify'
- the stove

Sophie told me that Paku was likely to take longer than Sage to get acclimitized. Sage seems to have settled in okay so far. Poor Paku finally worked up the nerve to come out the the kitchen a moment ago, and then I coughed and he tore back under the bed like I'd set his tail on fire. Poor pud.


Feb. 18th, 2006 09:48 pm
They are here! *dances the Dance of Much Rejoicing*

I may have to rename them 'John' and 'Rodney', because they are totally in my closet.

More tomorrow!
Okay, so I'm just about to head out the door to Tachikawa, where I will be picking up my cats.

While I'm utterly thrilled about that, I am also kind of irritated. It seems to me that when one says I can do something "in the comfort of my own home" it means that I can stay in my house. I didn't sign up to take two cats for a ride on the bus with me.

Having been awake all day, I am now quite tired. I'm hoping to get to Tach a bit early, so I can sit in a coffeeshop and write in my notebook, like I was living in Paris in the 19whatevers.
I believe I sent Sophie an email today, saying that I would take two cats. They're adorable, they look like brothers, and I'm just waiting to hear back from her to find out the wheres and whens of things.

I think this new development may preclude me going back to Canada for a week, unless I can beg my landlady to feed my cats every day. We'll see.

I really wish the buses would get back, because I've been playing on the computer for an hour now, and I've visited all the safe-for-work sites that I can. Encho's cigarettes keep making noise at me, like "Cleeeoooooo, you're bored...You know you would like to join us...Give in to the dark side, we have cookies..." Stupid boredom.
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One and all, gather round and partake ye in this, my first LJ poll. I await your answers, friendslist and any random passers-by.

[Poll #667693]

PS - This is not a trick question, this is totally on the up and up.

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