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Birthdate:Aug 4
Website:The short, short version
I'm a writer who rarely writes anything. An actor who doesn't act, except for every day.

I moved back to Canada in April of 2008, after three and half years in Japan as a kindergarten teacher. I completed a nine-month course in Executive Administration , and I now find myself up near the top of the a small town called Faro. The nearest town is almost two hours away, the nearest major city is four hours away, and I don't have a car but that's okay because I have a small truck.

I'm living in a three bedroom house by myself. I have a couch, a bed, and a sewing machine. I haven't found a permanent place to live - I think it's because I'm not sure if I want to stay. I'm trying not to be too worried about that.

I belong to two cats from Osaka, who are loud and obnoxious and who are the two living beings who can make me laugh 98% of the time. They are with my parents until I have my living situation worked out, and until I have a car so I can drive to Whitehorse to pick them up from the airport adjusting to life up here, and causing me miniature heart attacks on a regular basis. Whether they're getting lost in the walls for hours, or venturing outside in the middle of the night (where there are cat-eating foxes!), they keep me busy.

I'm afraid of spiders, sharks, being crushed under a couch/bed, and the cold vacuum of space. I'm terrified of being evicted and/or deported. I worry about things that can't be changed. I don't date, mostly because I'm convinced everyone I meet is a serial killer.

I have fallen out of love with a lot of the shows I used to be so into. It makes me a bit sad, but I tell myself it is for the best. I have TV crushes on everyone on Criminal Minds. Watching shows about forensics makes me feel smart. My Supernatural crushes, on the other hand, are less about feeling smart and more about objectification.

I wanted to marry Wil Wheaton when I was younger, but now would just like to be Best Friends Forever.

From Japan, I miss ebi-zushi, noodle shops, and Yoshie-sensei's belly dance classes. But I miss my Gaijin Gang most of all. From Woodstock, I miss Sam and her family, sweet potato chips, and the ability to go anywhere I might think about going.

If you've made it to the end of this sad "About Me" malarky, and if you feel like friending me, go ahead. I'm easy.

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abe hiroshi, albert rosenfield, annie cartwright, annie/sam, astrophysicists, audrey/coop ftw, bailey's is nectar, bitchery, bitchin' about lemmings, boondock saints, c s forester, callum keith rennie, caster 1 100s, cats from osaka, cattiness, china beach, chinexican rolls, classics, damn fine coffee, damning the man, dangly earrings, david tennant, dog tags, due south, ebi-zushi, extensions, extreme ironing, fan fiction, fanfic, farscape, feeling inadequate, flananigans, fraser/rayk, fried prawns, gen, gyoza, half-hearted pagan tendencies, hating work, having joel plaskett's babies, hazelnut coffee, het, hms indefatigable, horatio hornblower, horatio/archie, horatio/bush, internet spending, introspection, ioan gruffudd, jake 2.0, jeremiah, joel plaskett, john simm, john/aeryn, latin love poems, life on mars, m*a*s*h, maple cookies, markus alexander, medea, mexinese rolls, nanites, napoleonic era naval heroes, ninjas, ovid, pretty boy soldier smut, procrastination, ray k, russian coats, sam tyler, sam/annie, samurai, saving the empire, sexy welshmen, shamisen, skin food, slash, sleeping, smut, snark, special agent cooper, stash tea, taiko, tanashi station, tarot, tattoos, techno-geekery, thigh holsters, tokyo, twin peaks, villains, work is killing me, yakiniku
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