Food stuff

Dec. 5th, 2010 10:07 am
If I required any further proof that going back on the Dysbiosis diet was really working for me, this weekend has provided it.

Friday, after I walked to work because my car wouldn't start, I ate two of the muffins that Jackie had brought to work Wednesday afternoon. That evening, I was babysitting at Kara's and ate a bunch of pancakes and syrup with a diet Pepsi (lots of sugar). I spent the rest of the night curled up on the couch, feeling like I was going to be sick at any moment. I woke up feeling hungover.

Last night was the staff Christmas party, and I ate salad dressing (vinegar), stuffing (bread = contains yeast), Hawaiian fruit punch (sugar), and had to leave by 8:30 because my stomach was reacting badly. This morning, again with the sugar-hangover.

So, eliminating things that make me ill is a good thing. What I need to be able to do is to find a way to record the sensations I get when I am reacting badly, and play them back to myself during the moments when I find myself tempted by bad foods. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to do that during the fifteen years or so that I have been reacting badly to food ^_^

This also means that I am not going to be eating even a small piece of Matt's birthday cake this year, which is kind of a bummer because it's that amazing flourless chocolate cake from The Chocolate Claim that Kara had for her birthday. Before this weekend, I would have risked it...but not now.

Now I'm off to make the first of many cups of tea today, and to work on my sister's Cowboy Quilt (I've only been putting it off for a year and a half ^_^)
So, I did walk to work in the freezing cold. When I explained the situation to K, he offered to drive me home at break to give me a jump, and then I could drive to the Hardware Store to see about getting a new extension cord (if the problem was indeed with the extension cord). So we drove back here at 10:30ish.

The unforeseen (yet, in hindsight, totally predictable) circumstance that befell me, though, was this: my hood was frozen so badly that it couldn't be opened. Therefore, no jump could be had. We tried valiantly, and K even cracked my ice-scraper trying to pry the hood open. Hiss boo.

So now I am at home, waiting for Heather and Heinz to come and rescue me with implements designed to thaw ice. I took advantage of the time to finally move the stuff at the back of the garage, so hopefully there will be enough room for the truck to stay indoors at night. We will see.

And now, I'm going to go heat up some Mexinese rolls, because what else do I have to do until they get here?

[EDIT - 11:49] And my humiliation is complete. Heinz came over, popped the hood with no trouble, and the truck started without a boost. Happy Yukoniversary to me!


Dec. 3rd, 2010 08:21 am
Even though my truck was plugged in all night, it won't start this morning. Which means I have a nice 20 minute walk to work at -39C (not factoring in the windchill stuff).

Heinz came by my house this afternoon and took a look at my woodstove. He said the chimney wasn't actually that bad - lower than expected levels of creosote. He cleaned things out, and gave me instructions on burning a hot flash-fire of newspaper and cardboard to heat the chimney against the -30 temperature we were having today, and then I should be fine to light a fire.

Well, the flash-fire wound up smoking quite a bit, and the house got a little smoked out (though not as badly as the smokeout that prompted my chimney fears two weeks ago), but now the fire is blazing merrily away. Good thing, too. I really don't like the oil heat - it makes the air in the house too dry.

I have seven more work days until I am on vacation. Well, technically, I guess it's eight, since the Council Open House is the day before I leave, and I kind of need to be there to set up and clean up, but still! Less than two weeks until I'm in a city with grocery stores! And bookstores! And restaurants!

It's been three weeks since I've had sugar, yeast, or vinegar - if you don't count the tiny piece of Scott's going-away cake on Thursday (and I don't, because it was really tiny and I got really sick afterward). I'm going a little crazy.

The numbers on the scale have been moving slowly downward, which is pleasing, but today they went upward again, which was very frustrating. There's a tiny part of me that wants to throw in the towel and eat the 12 cookies I bought at the Christmas Tea and immediately stuffed in the freezer, but I know that's just the yeast talking. (Sometimes, I envision the my chemical imbalance as a physical object, a horrible little monster in my stomach that is constantly crying out for sugar and bread.)

I'm lucky Kara makes my dinners, otherwise I would have given up two and a half weeks ago.

In non-boring-dietary news, in two weeks I'll be in Ontario! I am looking forward to this so much, I can't even express it in words. I'm going Outside!
It's just not fair - I am trying not to spend money, but Kara made the most amazing mittens that would totally go with the hat I just bought from match the red and black coat that I am bringing back from Ontario over the holidays...

The mittens are black seal with red leather palms, and they are so obviously the most perfect thing to go with my Russian coat.

But I can't justify going into the whole another $110...not until the credit card is paid off.

It's okay, skan, it's okay. You can commission a pair for next winter.
skandrae: ('nuff said)
I tried to go to bed very early last night.

I was tired, it was snowing, and since my woodstove still hasn't been checked out, I am relying on the furnace for warmth and the dry hot air makes my cranky. So, I thought, to bed with me, so I can awake on Sunday full of energy and creativity.

Instead, as soon as my head hit the pillow, my overactive imagination began laying out scenarios based on the events of Friday at the office. Suddenly, I was in a courtroom, being cross-examined by a clever lawyer. There was a brief segue wherein I collided with an attractive RCMP officer who wanted to take me out for coffee, but then it was back to court drama.

When I wasn't imagining being grilled on the stand, I was thinking about all the things I need to start doing at work to ensure that there's nothing Teh Nem can catch us on (which is impossible, because I can't anticipate the way its mind works).

I am exhausted from going to bed early, and I really would like a breakfast steak.
The Nemesis came to the office in the afternoon, and now I am left wishing I could have a drink. (I can't because of my stupid Dysbiosis stuff, but MAN would I like to.)

It's okay, though - I did a little Chop Therapy out in the garage, and I'm about to head out to Kara's for dinner. I just need to look at my newest tattoo and remember that Teh Nem can't get me down.
Without going into the kind of detail that could get me in trouble, I'll just say that I had a rough morning. I wasn't raised in a litigious environment. I am not used to the constant fear that something I do or say will somehow fuel the fires of any number of lawsuits. I'm not good with people who treat me like an idiot...when there is nothing I can point to specifically to tell them to stop.

But, hey, life is not bad.

My friend Kara makes my dinner every night, her kids like me, and I have returned to my long journey toward Good Health. My furnace is full, my house is warm, and I think the feeling I have here is contentment. Cup of miso, cup of tea, lunch is pretty good.

Super bonus? It's Friday, which means two days to myself ^_^ There will be a craft sale (where I will avoid the baked goods), the Return of Chopstravaganza, and long hours on the couch working on Hunter's quilt (which I would like to finish before I head back to Ontario for the holidays).

So don't cry for me, Argentina flist, I'm doing okay.


Nov. 25th, 2010 01:42 pm
I'm going to get interviewed for a travel blog ^_^

In other news, I'm on a hunt to discover the identity of the person who plowed my driveway out while I was at work this morning. Hurray!

[EDIT - 5:05] Mystery solved - it was my down-the-street neighbour (and Town Councillor) Mickey. Yay!
Is it wrong that I consider bitchface (and all the manifestations thereof) to be one of the best things in SPN fandom? I may actually slip up and start using it in my everyday conversations.
I was all geared up for this evening's Council Meeting to suck badly - The Nemesis is in town, and that usually means I can kiss my hopes for arriving home before 9:00 goodbye. And I got geared up, my friends. Skirt, really nice shirt, cup of tea and glass of water, and an assortment of pens for taking copious notes.

The Nemesis stormed into the meeting half an hour after it started, and I was expecting that Question Period would be a nightmare. My hand was cramping in advance. It's hard to take accurate notes, as Teh Nem bounces from tangent to tangent on the way to a point that is (maybe) never reached, but I feel honour-bound to capture the entire exchange on paper.

But after a couple people had asked their questions, the call for any more questions was made...three times. And The Nemesis said nothing. As soon as the call for adjournment came, The Nemesis stormed out the door and into the night.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy not to have taken 17 pages of notes tonight. But it leaves a small part of my brain saying, "This isn't over. Teh Nem will strike when you least expect it! Lock all your doors and windows, and pour salt beneath them!"

In less dramatic news, my temporary boss brought a container of biscotti to work today - last week, he brought us a cinnamon bun from Braeburn Lodge (famous place for getting dinner-plate-sized cinnamon buns on the Klondike Hwy) because I've been here almost a year and have never stopped to get one. Of course, that was the day after I had recommitted to the Dysbiosis Diet, because I'd been sick for days. I had a sliver of the bun, but wasn't able to thoroughly enjoy it because of guilt and illness.

So, he brought biscotti, thinking they'd be a better choice because they don't have yeast. Which is true...but they contain a bunch of sugar ^_^ I had two small pieces today, and it didn't send me over the edge.

man, making good choices is hard.


Nov. 15th, 2010 11:00 pm
I've only been back on the Dysbiosis Train for 4 days, but it feels like an eternity.

I am getting my late night burst of energy at the moment - I'm driven by the urge to clean my house. Now is the time when the grimy carpet bothers me, the boxes of stuff I haven't unpacked start to call my name, and the fog that covered my brain for the rest of the day dissipates. I feel like I should really get moving.

Unfortunately, following that impulse is a bad thing to do. I should be going to bed now. Morning is not my friend, particularly not when morning looks so much like nighttime. I really need to get one of those lamps.

Today, I sat at my desk with my face turned to the window, tracking the progress of the sun like a sunflower in a field. I wish my desk had wheels, so I could move across the room with the sun.

To compensate for the lack of sun, I am supposed to be taking Vitamin D. I hope that the amount of D in my multivitamin is sufficient - I already have too many pills to take.

There's a B complex (stress relief, combat hair loss), garlic (dysbiosis diet), HMF (dd), Berber (dd), psyllium (dd), and the multivitamin. I take more supplements in the morning than I do real food. Eventually I'll work my way back to the bentonite clay, too. Hurray!*

In non-dietary news, I have a place to park my truck in Whitehorse for three weeks - they'll make sure that it gets plugged into an outlet the day before I fly back, so my battery won't be dead from extreme temperatures. And I've been offered a bed for the night before I fly to Ontario, so I don't have to stay in a hotel - and they're close to the airport! Huzzah!

Okay, to bed, to bed, stop thinking about how badly the floor needs vacuuming ^_^

*Who doesn't like drinking muddy water?

The shakes

Nov. 14th, 2010 09:20 am
Where have I been? I can almost hear you asking me, except I can't hear much of anything at the moment - only the refrigerator motor whirring away.

Well, there was work. I am giving a tentative thumbs up to work, since we have finally hired a new CAO and will be doing interviews for the MO and RM (and I am not part of any of those interviews, yay!), and the new CAO will be here in time to work on the budget (this town really didn't need me to try and allocate their funds - I can barely keep myself alive). Let's get this town back on track!

There was also NaNo. It will come as no great shock to anyone that I am way behind on my word count. That's partly related to point number 3, below. I'm still struggling away. At least my computer hasn't died this year.

Third, I am detoxing like crazy. I got really sick last week. I've been making poor food choices since I got up here, mostly from laziness/lonelieness/lack of access to decent produce, and the period before and after Halloween was exceptionally bad. Everything crashed. So, I'm back on the straight and narrow with the Dysbiosis thang, and that means I am shaking like a junkie. I've got headaches and bodyaches and little voices in my head telling me to go to Mel's store and buy up all the chocolate in the joint. I'm cranky and easily distracted and prone to tears.

Can you imagine what kind of a mess I'd be if I were coming down from, say, meth rather than sugar? Crack rather than yeast?

Welp, I'm going down to the garage to split firewood. It's pretty cold out, which makes for excellent splitting, and something tells me I am going to be keeping the fire going all day.
So, I just burned my hand on the woodstove again. My hand/eye coordination is really off. Unfortunately, it is one of my busiest fingers for typing - booooo!

In other news, it is snowing and insanely windy at the moment. It feels like the house is shaking - and my front door blew open again because I hadn't shut it properly. Curse you, house with shifted foundations! Curse you, too, permafrost!

I can't even back my truck into the garage to protect it from the snow, because I can't get the garage doors to stay open - the logs I usually use to prop the doors open are no match for the wind.

All of these things are contributing to making me an angry, angry bee.

But Kara's little boy knows how to say "Ah-ka" when he sees me, the fire in the woodstove is heating up the living room, and the doorway to the Artic Entrance closes in the opposite direction from the front door. So there are some good things going on ^_^
I changed the nickname of my savings account from "Slushover from Budget" (don't ask) to "Japan Fund," and shifted $250 from my chequing account in there. It's time to get saving so I can visit Sean next year.

Other news, I was up until 12 last night, working on my NaNo piece. I did not quite hit the day's target of 1,2xx words, but that is due largely in part to my watching six episodes of Big Bang Theory when I should have been working.

Tonight is a Council Meeting night, so I may not be able to write much. Depending on what happens, I may just come home, lie on the floor, and twitch mercilessly for hours.

The house is cold, because the fire went out in the night, but I am too lazy to deal with it this morning. I will turn up the oil heater a bit, and relight the fire when I get home from work. As long as I stoke it and add a few logs before the meeting, it should be fine.

Anyway, it's time to get up and pretend to be a person rather than a zombie. Hopefully, in the future, the presence of a SAD lamp will make that easier.


Nov. 1st, 2010 11:06 pm
So far, the only thing I know about my main character is that cabbage makes her uncomfortable and gassy.


NaNo prep

Oct. 31st, 2010 03:03 pm
So, instead of getting ready for NaNo by working on plot points or character breakdowns, I spent four and a half hours of today hauling firewood into the garage and splitting it. I also hauled copious amounts of split logs down to the basement where the woodstove is.

I don't want to waste time chopping when I should be writing.

About 3/4 of the way through Chopstravaganza, I took a run over to the Hardware/Grocery Store to pick up some cola and a pizza. I ran into Jeff, the guy who tried to take me home from the dance we had in September. The run-in was embarassing for me, but I don't think he even registered who I was - he was very drunk that night, and today I was wearing a hat that obscured most of my features. Plus, I was about 3 inches shorter today than at the dance - it's a little too cold for me to clomp around town in my slingback sandals ^_^

I guess I'm going to do some laundry, and get things squared away in the house before the NaNo-ing begins.
I've had one of those weeks that drained me physically and emotionally. I don't know why - it wasn't like there were any major crises or dramas played out in my sphere, but here I am in bed at 9:00. I think I'm coming down with something.

I somehow managed to volunteer myself to help over at the Rec Centre tomorrow during the Hallowe'en activities - I thought I was coming in to set things up, but apparently I am going to be doing stuff. Hurray! (That was only mostly sarcasm - I am looking forward to seeing some of the kids.)

In Hooray for ME! news, I may have a line on funding that would enable the Town to hire a youth worker and train them up for an exciting career in public works. Fingers crossed - the entire PW department in Town is edging closer and closer to retirement, and we need to get some young blood trained in the water management system.

It has taken me a lot longer to type this than it warranted. Time for sleep.
If I were a more enterprising Yukoner, I would haul firewood downstairs and start a fire. But I am having trouble getting off the couch.

[EDIT - 8:46] Upon reflection (mostly reflection about my heating oil fillup earlier today, in which I noted I have gone through 100L of heating oil in a not-particularly-cold month), I went down and started a fire. But the only room that is currently warm is the one the woodstove is in, so I am wrapped in a fleece blanket with a very cold nose.

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