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I hate having my comments hijacked by someone who is trying to convert me to whatever belief they have. I hate feeling like my feelings on a subject are irrelevent, or super-sensitive, or I'm seeing a problem where there isn't one.

Bitch, if I tell you that I'm not interested in learning about the Dog Whisperer because I think, based on articles/blogs that I've read, that he's a sexist, don't turn around and preach at me on my own fucking page. I am not listening to you, and I don't like how you make me feel like I'm the one with the problem.

I never said a word to you when you were spewing your religious-brainwashing when you were married to that guy, please don't get in my face for not liking Cesar Millan. Just don't. I didn't really like you that much in theatre school, and I'm seriously considering dropping you from my f-list now.

*Attention, flist - if you are big fans of the Dog Whisperer, you may have been offended by the entry. Or not. Whichever you are, I just needed to get this off my chest, and since I can't do that on Facebook without throwing a lot of words people in RL don't know that I know, it had to be here.
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