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At least, it does now.

Over the weekend it was going "screech, grind, whirr, screech" every time it fired up - which was often, because it hasn't gotten warmer than -30 in a long time. It was not conducive to good sleep during my time of illness.

This evening, though, the screeching was sounding even more ominous than previous times. After some debate, I called Bill at 8:00pm to see if he could pop over and have a look at it. He came, determined it was some motor thing*, went home and repaired the motor from a different furnace, and came back and installed it. He finished around 10:00pm.

I live in a town where you can call the furnace repair guy at home, at night, and he will come and try to make sure that your furnace doesn't shut off in the night. He will do this because he doesn't want you to freeze to death, which is totally possible if you are the kind of person who runs out of firewood in the middle of a super cold snap. And I am that kind of person. God, I miss firewood.

In other news, I still find Matt Frewer attractive. I'm enjoying Eureka very much, and have already exceeded my bandwidth limit for the month. Thanks a lot, Northwestel, you bastards.

*There is a reason I don't work on engines, and that reason is a hereditary disinclination to understand mechanical things - which is ironic, given my love of steampunk. But I digress.
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